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LongTerm Care
Disability insurance
Why Start with Education?

Education Is The Foundation Of Success

Before any type of planning is started, a review of your financial education is started. Don has a no hassle, no commitment or obligation session to answer any financial questions you may have and to spend time making sure you're comfortable with the decisions made and that the relationship is comfortable to move forward.

After checking your financial health, then starting to analyze your financial goals takes place, which leads to retirement planning, life insurance discussions, and long term care options.

Example Discussion Topics:
The difference between a 401k and a Roth IRA.
What a brokerage is.
How stocks, bonds, mutual funds work.
Employer matches on a retirement plan.
Liquid assets.
There's always time to save for retirement

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can be started at any time! There's always ways to accomplish your financial goals for your retirement.

Don will go over your existing retirement options, taking a look at what you have now and what will help you get your goals the quickest.

Example Discussion Topics:
Factoring in cost of living.
Planning for health insurance.
Withdrawal timeframes.
Affordable option for peace of mind

Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that's inexpensive, but provides peace of mind for your loved ones.

Unfortunately, none of us know how long we have to enjoy life, but we can leave behind money to help our loved ones enjoy their lives.

Example Discussion Topics:
Planning for the unexpected.
How a policy works.
Who qualifies for life insurance.
Benefits to carrying a life insurance policy.
Preparing for the future


No one wants to worry about long term care and disability, but it's something that may need to be addressed someday for yourself or your loved ones.

Example Discussion Topics:
What is disability insurance?
Do I qualify for long term care?
How policies work.
What options are needed for long term care?
What happens to my existing insurance?

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